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Who can apply for certification as a fire safety consultant

You can become a certified fire consultant if

  • You can document qualification and competence requirements for the applicable fire classes, here under:

    - An education level of at least 180 ECTS credits within construction

            - Knowledge of fire

            - Experience within construction design

  • You have obtained educational and professional qualifications in a EU country, or countries that EU has signed an agreement with, and wish to work permanently, temporarily or short term as a certified fire safety consultant.

How to apply for certification as a fire safety consultant?

You can apply for certification as a fire safety consultant by submitting an application form, together with documents that verify your qualifications.

Your qualifications are assessed by a multiple choice test for fire class 2, while for fire class 3, 4 and third party control you must submit a relevant project which must be presented and defended orally.

Always included

  • Certificate of degree in construction technical conditions
  • Documentation of professional knowledge of fire technical issues
  • Project, if you want certification for fire classes 3 and 4 or third party control or if the project is to be assessed for qualifications

The documentation must be adequate, clear and transparent.

If the application contains a project, the project must be sufficient for assessing your competences and complying with the building regulations requirements.

Further requirements for compliance with the fire classes can be found in the application forms.

Application forms

Fire class 2

Fire class 3-4

Third party control

The application and the assessment language may be Danish or English

If you have questions concerning the certification process, please email to;

Att .: Certification of fire safety consultants

Evaluation of application material

DBI Certification assesses whether the application is relevant and complete and in case a project is submitted, if the documentation for the project is sufficient for assessment.

The application material must verify that your qualifications meet the requirements in the certification scheme and in BR18.

You may be asked to submit additional material, if the application is not adequate.

DBIC will form a committee that reviews the application, including the submitted project.

If the Multiple Choice test has not been passed within 3 months of the applicant being set to participate in the test, DBI Certification reserves the right to cancel the application. 
If certification is required at a later date, the applicant must reapply

DBIC uses external professional assessors, that have been appointed due to their qualifications, experience and impartiality in relation to the applicant and the project in question. Thus the external assessors secure impartiality and eliminates the risk of conflict of interest.

Decision and Certification

Based on the application material and the assessors' recommendation, it is decided whether there is a basis for granting you certification. you will be notified whether the conditions for certification are met or not.

You will, hereafter, undergo regular- and random review to maintain your certification as a certified fire consultant. For class 2-4, and for third party control the certification is valid for 5 years.

The certification is personal and follows the certified fire safety consultant regardless of employment.

If it is found that the conditions for certification are not fulfilled, refusal is given together with the assessment committee's justification for the refusal. The decision can be appealed to DBI Certification.

Overview of the certification processes

Get an overview of the certification process – step by step from application to certification. 

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Recertification and Sampling

As a certified fire safety consultant, you are required to maintain your qualifications. There will be random sampling of your work and you will need to be recertified every five years in fire class 2-4 and for third party control.

Once a year, you must submit an overview of the projects you have worked in as a certified fire safety consultant. The overview must reveal if you meet the requirements of the certification scheme and will be used in connection with the selection of  a project for random control and recertification.


DBIC must sample every 10 project of the total quantity of submitted construction projects. If your project is selected for random sampling, you will be asked to submit documentation on that project. Should the conditions for compliance with the building regulations not be fulfilled, the consequence may be suspension or withdrawal of the certification.


When you need to be recertified, one of your projects is selected to assess whether you still meet the requirements of the certification scheme's executive order 1616 and BR18. If the conditions are met, a new certificate is issued. Otherwise, recertification is not achieved and it is evaluated whether suspension should be given.




Initial case processing

2.810 dkk

Certification of fire class 2, including random control

12.810 dkk

Certification of fire class 3 and 4, including random control   

58.930 dkk

Certification of third party control  

64.790 dkk

Upgrade from fire class 3 and 4 to third party control **5.450 dkk

Use of extended Multiple Choice test/Yearly control

3.370 dkk

Retest - Multiple Choice  

1.360 dkk

Yearly fee for product registration

4.800 dkk

Processing of appeal

Time spent,  max the price for certification  in the specific fire class. 

Processing of complaint

Time spent

** cf. requirements in current declaration. When using previously used project assessment.

All prices are exclusive VAT

The prices depend on DBI Certification receiving documentation of your qualifications in the form of diplomas. If you cannot document your qualifications, we are happy to guide you through alternative ways of documenting your competencies so that they meet the requirements.  

If you are unsure of the documentation required, or you if have any questions concerning the certification process, please, fill out this form. We will contact you as soon as possible, an no later than within 5 working days.


Prices for recertification will be announced when the guidelines from The Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority concerning this area is available.

Withdrawal of certification

A certified fire safety consultant can be deprived of his/hers certification if the conditions for certification are no longer met.

This applies if

  • It cannot be documented within 4 weeks of DBIC's request that the requirements for certification are met.
  • The requirements for the certification are not met, e.g. if project documentation cannot be submitted or no documentation has been submitted for projects within the last year.
  • Work has not been performed in accordance with the building regulations chapter on Certified fire consultants work, for example if work has been performed in a higher fire class than the certification allows.
  • DBIC otherwise finds that the terms of the executive order are not met.

Termination of certification

A certified fire safety consultant is obliged to notify DBIC without undue delay if:

  • The fire safety consultant no longer meets the requirements for certification (see Order no. 776 sections 19-21 and 24)*.
  • The fire safety consultant wishes to discontinue his/her work.

* See Order 776 here

Suspension of certification

DBIC may decide that a certified fire safety consultant is not deprived of his/her certification if the failure to fulfil the conditions for certification is due to circumstances that cannot be attributed to the certified fire safety consultant. 

This applies, for example, for maternity leave, leave, military service and similar. A new deadline for compliance is set by DBIC.

Limitation of the certification validity

The validity of the certification may be limited if

  • Reduction at your own discretion; the certified fire safety consultant requests in writing to work in a lower fire class than the one he/she is certified to.
  • Restriction as a result of regular- or random review; if the certified fire safety consultant is found not to have worked in projects in the highest fire class to which he/she is certified, the fire safety consultant will be downgraded to a lower fire class.

If the certified fire safety consultant does not wish to be downgraded to a lower fire class, the certification will be deprived. The certification will expire from the date of notification.

Appeals and Complaints

If you wish to appeal or complain about DBI Certification A/S's activities in connection with certification of persons, this may be done by written inquiry to DBI Certification,, labelled "certification of persons".

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Special needs - Dispensation

It is possible to apply for dispensation if the purpose is to equate the applicant with special needs to other applicants in the multiple choice test. Applicants cannot be exempted from meeting the required competence requirements. 

The applicant must submit a reasoned application to DBIC, where it is assessed if the application can be complied with. Special needs can, for example, be dyslexia or access for wheelchair users.


DBI Certification A/S (DBIC) emphasises on documenting impartiality when carrying out activities in the field of certification of fire safety consultants.

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Questions and Contact

If you have any questions about your application or the certification process, you are very welcome to contact DBI Certification. Please, fill out our contact form and we will contact you within three business days.

Overview of the certification processes


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