DBI Certification A/S is an independent company in the DBI group.
We have 15 permanent employees, as well as several associated consultants and deal with a multitude of areas within the certification of products, productions, and person certifications.
What characterizes us in the company is a high level of service and good team spirit.

We offer certification for marketing in the EU of Construction Products (CPR), Marine Equipment (MED) and Gas Consuming Appliances (GAR).

Our subsidiary DBI Certification-UK Ltd offers certification for marketing in the UK of Construction Products (CPR), Marine Equipment (MER) and Gas Consuming Appliances (GAR).

Furthermore, we also preform Audit of Production in Denmark, Europe, and Asia.

We are Denmark's largest certification body for Certified Fire Advisors. Annually we process applications and maintain certifications for around 2/3 of Denmark’s Certified Fire Advisors.

In addition, we offer installer audits with Denmark's electrical installers, where we are an approved control body for Electricity Authorization (KLS), Renewable Energy (VE) and DBI Guidelines RTL001 and RTL010-2.

Our Danish offices are located in Hvidovre and Fredericia, while DBI Certification UK has its office in England.

If you have questions, you are welcome to contact us at info@dbicertification.dk

Board of directors

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DBI Certification A/S is a subsidiary of DBI - Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology, and is headed by a General Manager reporting to the Director, who is under the authority of the Board of Directors.

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Board of directors

See Board of directors

Complaint Guideline

Should a certified company wish to complain about activities performed by DBI Certification A/S, a written complain must be sent to the Quality Manager of DBI Certification A/S.

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Committee of impartiality

The basis for accreditation is an EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012, with reference to section 5.2, on establishment of a "mechanism for ensuring impartiality".

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Employees at DBI Certification A/S

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Allan Christensen
Operational Manager
Merete Poulsen, DBI Certification
Merete Poulsen
Technical Manager
Chris Ellis
Technical Manager UK
Betina Rye Petersen
Product Manager
Jesper Quade
Jesper V. Quaade
Product Certification Specialist
Lene Skovbjerg
Lene Skovbjerg
Product Certification Specialist
Steen Nilsson
Steen Nilsson
Product Certification Specialist
Lennie Balslev
Fire Consultant Assessor
Morten Bonde
Fire Consultant Assessor
Nicolaj Kloppenborg-Skrumsager
Fire Consultant Assessor
Nicolai L. Andreassen
Product Assessor
Camilla Kristoffersen
Certification Controller
Birgitte Nyholm
Administrative Officer
Jonas Schulze
Administrative Officer
Steffen Gjaldbæk
Student Office Assistant


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