DBI Certification A/S wants to help ensure a high level of quality among the certified fire advisors, who must document and check that the building's fire protection solutions meet the requirements of the building regulations. DBI Certification A/S is accredited by DANAK to certify fire advisors for fire class 2, 3 and 4 and to carry out third-party inspections.

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Many years of experience

We use external assessors and ensure an unbiased and flexible process of high quality. With many years of experience as an accredited certification company within fire, DBI Certification A/S is the obvious and safe choice when you need to be certified as a fire advisor.

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How to become certified as fire safety consultant

You must document your qualifications and skills in order to become a certified fire safety consultant. Here you can find application forms and information about how to fill out the form.

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Certification scheme for fire safety consultants

On January 1, 2018 Building Regulations 2018 and the new certification scheme for fire advisers officially came into effect. This initiates the out phasing of the technical building codes and the statistic (load bearing construction) from the municipal authorities and replaces them with a new certification scheme. This means that fire advisers must be certified in future and thus document and acknowledge that the solutions chosen comply with the rules of Building Regulations 2018.


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