DBI Certification A/S (DBIC) always emphasises on documenting impartiality when carrying out activities in the field of certification of fire safety consultants.

Our impartiality is ensured by the fact that

  • We exclusively engage in certification activities and are therefore not active within consulting or similar activities

  • All applicants and certified persons are treated fairly and imparity without regard to economic or other limiting circumstances, such as membership of associations or groups

  • The certification activities are performed without the impact of commercial, economic or other forms of pressure

  • Threats to impartiality are identified continuously, e.g. in connection with the activity, associated bodies, used places of education, personal relationships or employee relations

  • Applicants or certified persons are not given the impression that certification becomes easier or cheaper if you are a customer elsewhere in the DBI Group or have used a particular provider of education/training

  • Conflicts of interest and threats are identified and handled

‘Group of stakeholders’ ensures impartiality
DBI Certification A / S certifies persons who are required to document or surveying compliance with fire requirements in the applicable building regulation of constructions within fire classes 2-4.
A certified person is a person whose qualifications and competencies are assessed by an accredited certification body.
The basis for accreditation is DS / EN ISO / IEC 17024: 2012, where section 4.3.8 refers to the establishment of a ‘group of stakeholders’.



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