The DIRECTIVE 2014/90/EU on Marine Equipment (MED) applies to different equipment types. DBI Certification is a Notified Body for Fire Protection Equipment. We have many years of experience in Marine Equipment certification, and adding our cooperation with various testing laboratories, our customers enjoy efficient certification. We also provide audit and product surveillance services.



We issue certificates according to the procedures:

  • Module B: EC type-examination - Production type.
  • Module D: Conformity to type based on quality assurance of the production process.
  • Module E: Conformity to EC-type based on product quality assurance.
  • Module F: Conformity to EC-type based on product verification.

Fire Protection Equipment:

  • MED/3.1 Primary decks covering
  • MED/3.11 "A" and "B" Class divisions fire integrity
  • MED/3.12 Devices to prevent the passage of flame into the cargo tanks in tankers
  • MED/3.13 Non-combustible materials
  • MED/3.16 Fire doors
  • MED/3.18 Surface materials and floor coverings with low flame-spread characteristics
  • MED/3.19 Draperies, curtains and other suspended textile, materials and films
  • MED/3.20 Upholstered furniture
  • MED/3.21 Bedding components
  • MED/3.22 Fire dampers
  • MED/3.25 "A" and "B" class fire proof windows and side scuttles
  • MED/3.26 Penetrations through "A" class divisions
  • MED/3.27 Penetrations through "B" class divisions
  • MED/3.30 Portable oxygen analysis and gas detection equipment
  • MED/3.32 Fire restricting materials (except furniture) for high speed craft
  • MED/3.33 Fire restricting materials for furniture for high speed craft
  • MED/3.34 Fire resisting divisions for high speed craft
  • MED/3.35 Fire doors on high speed craft
  • MED/3.36 Fire dampers on high speed craft
  • MED/3.37 Penetrations through fire resisting divisions on high speed craft
  • MED/3.43 Nozzles for deep fat cooking equipment fire extinguishing systems (automatic or manual type)
  • MED/3.51 Fixed fire detection and fire alarm systems components for control stations, service spaces, accommodation spaces, cabin balconies, machinery spaces and unattended machinery spaces
  • MED/3.53 Fire alarm devices - Sounders
  • MED/3.54 Fixed oxygen analysis and gas detection equipment
  • MED/3.64 "C" class divisions
  • MED/3.65 Fixed hydrocarbon gas detection system

  • We can in some situations perform third party evaluation and approval of non-accredited testing. Contact us to get more information regarding the possibility, the procedure and the validity of a third party overviewed test.


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