Complaint Guideline

Handling of complaints and appeals

Should a certified company wish to complain about DBI Certification A/S' activities, a written complain must be sent to the Quality Manager of DBI Certification A/S .

The customer is notified

After processing the complaint DBI Certification A/S will communicate its decision in writing to the complainant and if the latter accepts the decision, the case is closed.

Processing time

The aim is that the appeal proceedings be completed and settled within 6 weeks of receipt, taking into account the time spent required of external experts.

Reopening/external decision

Should the complainant object to the decision, the case shall be reviewed internally by DBI Certification A/S or the complainant shall be referred to seek an external decision in a Danish court, under Danish law.

If the complainant wishes to appeal the decisions made by DBI Certification A/S in complaint cases concerning the company's services as an authorised inspection agency for authenticating and verifying quality assurance systems of licensed electrical contractors, the appeal should be sent directly to the Safety Technology Authority.

Charlotte A. Hellensberg


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