New accreditation: Fire Dampers (EN 15650:2010)

Construction material manufacturers can now have their fire dampers certified in Denmark.

DBI Certification is now accredited for the certification of products for - Ventilation for buildings – Fire Dampers (EN 15650:2010)

Manufacturers of construction materials can now have their components for Ventilation for buildings – Fire Dampers - certified in Denmark. DBI Certification has obtained accreditation for the certification of both natural smoke and heat extraction fans and flue gas ducts with the aim of obtaining CE marking for the European market.

At the same time, the EU Commission has appointed DBI Certification as a 'Notified Body' in Denmark in this area. This means, that in cases where a third party is required, DBI Certification must assess on behalf of the EU whether the products comply with the applicable legislation and can be marketed in the EU.

CE marking

Fire Damper products are covered by the Construction Products Regulation, also known as CPR, and are therefore subject to CE marking requirements if the products are to be marketed on the European market. With the accreditation, DBI Certification can now offer all manufacturers of fire dampers the necessary certification of the products that are to be marketed with the CE marking on the European market.

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