DBI Certification is once again selected as a Gazelle company

29-10-20 - DBIC has had continuous growth and doubling of revenue or gross profit over the past 4 fiscal years.

Published: 16.12.21

Continuous growth and doubling of revenue or gross profit over the past four fiscal years. That is what it takes to be named a Gazelle company. With the hard work and dedication by many, DBI Certification A/S has once again achieved the prestigious title of ‘Børsen Gazelle’.

In 2013, DBI established the subsidiary DBI Certification A/S as a third-party notification body separate from DBI’s fire testing activities and thereby, transferred all certification activities to an independent company. Since then, DBIC has only gone one way – Up. Once again, DBIC and its seven permanent employees have shown a revenue growth that justifies the title ‘Børsen Gazelle 2020’.

- The EU is very focused on the use of Notified Bodies (NB). In addition, documentation and certification are in progress. There are constant changes in standards, which means that products must be re-certified. At the same time, many construction products must be CE marked in order to be marketed on the European market, says Anders Frost-Jensen,

CEO of DBI certification, and adds:

- Besides that, the EU Commission has decided that NBs from the UK can no longer function as an NB in the EU beginning 2021. Therefore, DBIC has gained from several manufacturers who have moved their certifications.

New certification areas

Part of the explanation for the success of DBIC is also that new services have been added in recent years. Among these, certification of fire safety consultants.

- Moreover, some of the original services also fill the order book – this applies to e.g. product certification of fire doors, electronic fire protection equipment, gas appliances, road signs, insulation, wood cladding and floor coverings. We operate both in the construction product market and the maritime market (CPR and MED). Furthermore, we are NB for a big part of the area for gas appliances (GAR), says Anders Front-Jensen and also mentions certification of installers and audits of quality systems as examples of DBI Certification’s service areas.

Fast and smooth process

Certification work is not just paperwork, it can include Factory Production Control (FPC). This is to be performed when the regulations require surveillance and continued inspections to show traceability between products and the production. This has to take place at the factories and this can be in Europe, US, or Asia, wherever DBIC’s clients are located.

- Besides this, we continuously keep our quality system up to date, so that, at all times, we live up to standards and procedures as well as being able to document our own competencies. We focus on a fast and smooth process so that our customers can get their products on the market as quickly as possible. In this regard, there is a need for fast communication and a good understanding of the standards. And the employees in DBI Certification have exactly that. Among other things, we have been able to quickly restructure our processes to perform virtual audits during the Corona crisis, says Merete Poulsen, Operational Manager of DBI Certification.


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