DBI Certification performs product certification of doors and windows.
We have many years of experience of certification and control of doors, windows, fire resistance and/or smoke control characteristics.

All our certificates are internationally recognised.

DBI Certification can assist with product certification of floor coverings and floor screeds. 

Thermal Insulation

We are thoroughly experienced in certification of thermal insulation products, and all our certificates are internationally recognised.
The new door standard (EN16034) has been effective form November 1st 2016; i.e. Here CE marking can start. However, a transitional period of 3 years has been made so that CE marked fire doors can be sold in EU until November 1st 2019.

Initially, it applies as a rule to exterior doors according to EN1435-1 and garage doors and industrial gates according to EN13241. Interior doors are not yet enclosed in the new product standard.
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Our accreditation for product certification under ISO17065 at DANAK guarantees a continuous monitoring and maintenance of our high level of quality.

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Merete Poulsen, DBI Certification
Merete Poulsen Technical Manager
Jesper Quade
Jesper V. Quaade Product Certification Specialist
Lene Skovbjerg
Lene Skovbjerg Product Certification Specialist
Steen Nilsson
Steen Nilsson Product Certification Specialist


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