Application forms

It is easy to apply for certification, whatever it is for a product or a quality system:

  1. Fill in the relevant application form (choose one of the 6 links below)
  2. Send the application form with relevant documentation (see form for details) to
  3. DBI Certification will respond to you as soon as possible

Approval of KLS system in accordance with authorization as electric installer
Approval of Quality system in accordance with DBI Guideline 001 and/or DBI Guideline 010 approval.
Certification of Fire detection and fire alarm system, Compatibility assessment
of system components in accordance to DBI Guideline 003 (incl. EN 54-13).
Product certification in accordance with the Marine Equipment Directive (MED).
Witnessed test MED.
Changes of valid certificates.

Product certification in accordance with the Construction Product Regulation (CPR)

EN 12899-1, 12899-3 and 12988-1 certification.
EN 16034 Product certification application.
EN 14041 Floorings Product certification.
Parrallel certificates, EN 54-serien og EN 14366-1


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